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Click to view a Step by
Step  Process on how we
mask off when we are
going to Airbrush section
ons on a Sneaker.  2"
Masking Tape &

Custom Cleats for the Victor Cruz Foundation
Click to view a Step by Step  Process on how we made these custom Cleats for his
Halloweenland event.  Time Warner Cable & Ovation TV
Check out our collection of Outfit Grid and Customizer Essentials
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Kingofsneakers.com In collaboration with Project Canvas Footwear + Zappos.com A portion of proceeded will go to support
Woodcraft Rangers #Nvision after school programs in Los Angeles King Kang will create 60pairs of custom @projectcanvas
sneakers all handed painted , signed & number - They are called the "primary vision" estimated release date Mid July 1st
Zappos.com - @zappos x @woodcraftrangers x @kosxkingkang x @projectcanvas
Introducing Jacquard Airbrush Paints
colors raise the bar for both quality and economy in the world of airbrush paints. This multi-surface, artist-grade, fluid acrylic airbrush paint has been re-formulated for
optimal performance at lower pressures, with minimal tip dry. Jacquard’s Airbrush Colors have excellent coverage and washfastness on fabric, with an extremely soft
hand. On other surfaces, the colors are vibrant and durable. Jacquard Airbrush Colors are available in six intermixable varieties: Transparent, Opaque,
Metallic, Fluorescent, Bright and Iridescent. All the colors are intense and luscious! TechniquesAirbrushing, marbling, spritzing, painting, stamping,
refilling markers and pensFabric/Fiber/SurfacesNatural and synthetic fabric, leather, wood, paper, plastic, clay, metal and more!

KINGOFSNEAKERS Luxury Leather Laces
Made in the USA
100% Leather and fully customizable
Come with Kingofsneakers personalized Metal Aglet
In Finishes Gold - Silver - Black Nickel

Sizes -36" -45" -54" -60" -72"

Leather Finishes
-White -Black -Gold -Silver -Rose Gold  
-Bronze -Red -Blue -TAN (RAW)

Kingofsneakers.com CLICK TO PURCHASE
Galaxy - Lava - Elephant Print Laces
100% Cotton
Plastic tip Aglet

Color Combinations
- Blue Purple Pink  - Blue Light Blue Green
-Yellow Red Black
- Lava Hot Pink Black - Elephant black grey - Elephant grey

Sizes -54"
Kingofsneakers.com introduces ProLum
Glow in the Dark Colors
Prolum Glow in the dark paint spray the color
and then glow in either a Aqua glow or a
green glow - Depending on the color they
have different charge time. On the bottom of
each bottle you can see the actual color they
spray. They are set up to work in an airbrush
but you can also brush them on. They do
require a dual action airbrush. And can be
thinned with just water.

Click to view more info and Purchase!  
New special item for KOS From FTFU - From
The Floor Up - Custom Lace Dubres Lacelocks
They are made out of plastic and fully
Customizable. So you may color change to
match your custom. They are great for customs
that are so on point you gotta let people know
they are custom.
Limited stock & Currently at a promo price $12
And ship for free
Click to purchase
This Time elapse video at 300x speed along with audio shows
Jacquard Airbrush Paint - KOS Prolum Colors - Overspray Collection
Galaxy Stencil.
This time elapse video at 400x speed shows
prepping Angelus for an airbrush - Filter 2thin   
AlsoTapping off using 2inch tape & xacto knife
AF1 MID Miami Tear Away Custom
Artist :     King Kang for kingofsneakers
Base :     AF1 Mid Black
Theme :  Miami Dolphins
Airbrush: Iwata Eclipse
Brush:     Princeton 3750 Series Brush 18/0 & 10/0
Paints :   Jacquard Airbrush Paint & Angelus Leather Paint
Dubre:    " Custom" Ftfu
Laces:    KOS Luxury Leather Laces

Has a great blog post on a how to use
Jacquard products. Click the Link below to
check the post and some of his team great
Bstreetshoes Blog

Blake use a pair of  Black Leather
Nike SB Stefan Janoskis
Everyday I get asked "what kind of
paint do you use? Does it last
forever? What do you need to do
to prep the shoe for paint? How do
you seal it?" I wanted to write this
blog post to let people know what I
do. This post should be good for
both beginning sneaker artists
and customers wanting to know
that their shoes are painted and
built to last.
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Do you want to replace your cracked tabs or swap
your Jumpman tab to a Nike one? We now have
several option to help you restore your pair of  J3 or
J4 with a series of replacment parts & Converstions -
Please check each item for available sizes .  Made
from an actual 2001 heel tabs so they an exact copy.
Tabs are flexible and will not break like the hard
plastic ones . This product requires stitching gluing
and trimming for a perfect fit. We also have an
assortment of leather Craft tools & tip to help you get
stated whether you are just simply gluing in place or
mock stitching or going all the way with a speedy
stitcher we have all the basics to help you get started.
Easy to use soluble dye packet. IDye Poly is not
odorless please use in a well-ventilated area.
Not a material are the same some require a
temperature dye bath or longer durations. Dyes are
safe to pour down drain spetic systems.

Stove Top Method - Fill with enought liquid in pot to
cover sole we dont recommend to put soles inside a
boiling pot. Please use tupperware to pour liquid into
with sole when the tempature is hot. Durations may
vary with color. We do the overnight method in color
and sometimes redying to achive a dark color.
iDye Poly
iDye Poly is for synthetic fibers such as
polyester and nylon. It will color almost
anything synthetic, including plastics and
acrylics, buttons, frisbee discs, 3D printed
objects, toys, dolls, wigs, urethane coatings
and more! The dye comes in a dissolvable
packet, so there are never any messy powders
to handle: simply drop the packet in a pot of
water, add your fabric or objects and bring to a
Jordan 3 Out of this world Kang !!
Artist :     King Kang for kingofsneakers
Base :     Jordan 3 Base
Theme :  Simpsons Kang kudos Lisa  Bart & Homer
Airbrush: Iwata Eclipse
Brush:     Princeton 3750 Series Brush 18/0 & 10/0
Paints :   Jacquard Airbrush Paint & Angelus Leather Paint
Dubre:    " Custom" Ftfu
Laces:    KOS 3M reflective
Jordan Oreo Black Tie Affair
Artist :     King Kang for kingofsneakers
Base :     Used Jordan 6 Oreo
Theme :  Restorationa color changes
Airbrush: Iwata Eclipse
Brush:     Princeton 3750 Series Brush 18/0 & 10/0
Paints :   Angelus Leather Paint Flat White / Flate Black
Laces:    KOS Luxury Leather Laces Custom Painted
Aglets:    KOS Flat Black Aglets
JABEE - Black Future
Release is now available on itunes

Tracks used in make the the video include.

Black Magic
Melanin Monroe

Visit Jabee Site
Jordan 6 Nothing But Gold
Artist :     King Kang for kingofsneakers
Base :     Jordan 6 Infrared
Theme :  Jabee song nothing but Gold
Airbrush: Iwata Eclipse
Brush:     Princeton 3750 Series Brush 18/0 & 10/0
Paints :   Jacquard Airbrush Paint & Angelus Leather Paint
Dubre:    " Love Hate - fullylaced
Laces:    KOS Luxury Leather lace Custom
Price :    $550 Base included.

Available for custom order.
Adidas NMD Autism Awareness
Artist :     King Kang for kingofsneakers
Base :     Adidas NMD Triple White
Theme :  
Autism Awareness Puzzle
Airbrush: Iwata Eclipse
Brush:     Princeton 3750 Series Brush 18/0 & 10/0
Paints :  Angelus Leather Paint
Tag:     Puzzle Pieces - Speedzy Customs
Laces:    KOS 3m Custom Cut 36"
Price :    $375.00 With Base included Adidas Triple white

Click the watch the video of these being made.

Need something similar click below to get started and order
contact us at info@kingofsneakers.com
View our gallery of projects and events. Need something custom
painted for a special event performance  etc. Feel free to
contact us Maybe we can help. We can also do on the spot
customs for you event or party. Click the picture links below
We are proud to introduce a new product. Our Artist Signature series Stencils - King Kang is the first Artist in these signature series. These mini
Stencil are Sized for working on Sneakers. The  4x6 stencils have a full design But they also come with three extra mini sq stencil where one design
element has been selected. Please look out as we will be working with our team members to create signature design that you can use. They are
reusable so they can be cleaned for quick use.
Click the banner above to view our current 9 stencil collection at a promo price of $5.00 now till then of Oct.
We are very proud to have created this pair for

Will Bigplay Hays @bigplayhayes95 of The Los Angeles
Rams @rams - In support of @hollyrpeete and her
@hollyrodfdn Providing compassionate care for those
living with autism

- The @nfl has started a campaign called
#mycausemycleats were player show support to the
foundation they love

#Kingofsneakers #autism #autismawareness
#hollyrodfoundation #williamhayes
Jordan 3 HIA
Artist :     King Kang for kingofsneakers
Base :     Jordan 3
Theme :  Hialeah Florida
Brush:     Princeton 3750 Series Brush 18/0 & 10/0
Tab:       Beat 2 Heat Restorations
Laces:    KOS Luxury Leather lace Custom
Price :    $550 Base included.

Click the watch the video of these being made.

Need something similar click below to get started and order
contact us at info@kingofsneakers.com