King of Sneakers Custom Footwear Inc.
A Gutierrez owner/artist

A Gutierrez is a Los Angeles born and based artist/designer and founder of King of Sneakers Custom Footwear Inc. As the King of Sneakers, Adriana
has merged fine art and hip hop culture into her one of a kind custom painted sneakers. Her passion for hip-hop and fashion developed as it did for
many who grew up surrounded by the unique and stylish urban sub-culture of Los Angeles in the 1990s. Her first pair of Air Force Ones began her love
affair with sneakers and since then, she hasn’t worn anything else on her feet. She studied interior design and fine art. After college, Adriana went on to
a successful career as a corporate environment designer and as a mix media assemblage artist. Her multifaceted skills translate into her work with KOS
where she has incorporated her professional work ethic to diversify the projects that the company takes on and her art in the creation of her unique
works of walking art.

The first time she painted on a pair of Air Force Ones happened in the late nineties. Her brother challenged her to paint on a pair of sneakers the way
that she painted on canvas. At that time hip-hop artist were sporting custom air brushed gear and the kids who were fans wanted to do the same. When
she finally agreed, she made him a pair with The Simpson’s characters painted on them. Those sneakers got her so much attention that she began to
customize sneakers for friends and family as a hobby. Within a couple of months of customizing her first pair of sneakers,  she had a list of people
asking for her work and offering to pay for it. At that moment she realized that her hobby could become a profitable business that would combine her
love for art and sneakers.  

King of Sneakers Custom Footwear Inc. was created in June 1998 with the goal of taking art into the street as a fashion statement. Instead of being in a
gallery, it would be moving art that could be enjoyed and accessed by everyone. From the beginning, Adriana has strived to set KOS apart through the
detail, intricacy and quality of the work that goes into every pair of hand painted sneakers. As word of her work spread, and she was contacted by
Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas who wanted to purchase a pair of her “Obama Change” sneakers to wear at The MTV Music awards. Since then,
celebrities such as Wyclef Jean, Bun B, Bishop Lamont, Pete Rock, Too Short and Scarface as well as many underground artists have all purchased
sneakers from the King of Sneakers. Today, KOS has customized sneakers with everything from portraits to corporate products and has been featured
on Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, and on KIIS FM Morning with Ryan Seacrest. KOS designs are also featured on the latest Black
Eyed Peas video  “ Just Can’t Get Enough”.

In 2011, Adriana Gutierrez expanded KOS from made to order custom sneakers, to corporate collaborations with Klipsch Audio, Nike and Taboo Delta
3008/Jump Corp. Adriana is currently working on a project for brand development and designing merchandise for Kid DJ based on the Los Angeles
lifestyle and landscape. She is also in talks with Ripstyle to design for their North American sneaker line. In addition to her “mainstream” work, Adriana
has collaborated in creative projects with some of the most successful and creative artist within the Los Angeles LGBTQ community; like DJ Lezlee, La
Blanka and Thrive Ent. KOS is also collaborating with FittidTomboi in developing a line of promotional clothing and accessories.

Adriana Gutierrez has gone above and beyond the custom sneaker game. She has challenged and  exceeded expectations of what a sneaker artist can
do from clothing, to concept designing, to sneaker paint and even boots. Since the beginning, she has handled every aspect of the business; from hand
painting the sneakers to marketing and public relations. She has turned her one time hobby into a successful and ever growing business. The girl who
created King of Sneakers Custom Footwear takes the sneaker game seriously and is determined to change the stereotype that men are the dominating
force behind the custom sneaker industry.

To contact Adriana Gutierrez please email,  
or call (323) 521-7214